Anita Baker’s concert in New Jersey left many fans upset after she apparently asked opener Babyface not to perform. via: Vibe Last night during the New Jersey stop of Anita Baker’s 15-date “The Songstress” tour, concertgoers became disgruntled and disappointed. Not only did fans report waiting two hours for the “Sweet Love” singer to hit the stage, but ticket holders also did not get to see co-headliner Babyface perform. Adding to the chaotic night, one fan told VIBE that she witnessed a lady passing out while waiting for the show to start and that a fight also erupted in the audience. Following the backlash on social media from the show date, Babyface spoke out to clear up rumors about Ms. Baker allegedly being a “diva” towards him. “I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to hit the stage this evening at @PruCenter,” he tweeted on Wednesday night (May 10). “I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker her space and time to perform her show in its entirety. My band and I are extremely saddened we didn’t get to perform for y’all tonight.” According to one attendee, the 65-year-old songstress asked Live Nation (who organized the tour) if they came out to apologize to fans for the delay. Another fan vented to Twitter about the delay and also having to work in the morning. He then asked for a refund. “I am at the Anita Baker concert, it is 2 hours late!” the disappointed fan wrote. “This is unacceptable! Ppl have to work tomorrow, others don’t live in NJ and traveled here. No announcements have been made. Tickets were expensive. Disrespectful! Who is responsible for this? Shameful. #refund” See Tweets below. In another video, the host of the show could be seen getting booed after announcing to ticket holders that there were “technical difficulties” — which he claimed caused the delay. “First of all I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight,” he began. “We did have some technical difficulties tonight. However, Ms. Baker isn’t going anywhere ya’ll she’s coming out tonight. Unfortunately because of these delays Ms. Baker wanted to be sure that she gave ya’ll the best that she could give.” “So unfortunately Babyface will no longer be performing. I deeply, deeply apologize,” he added as the audience roared with “boos” out of frustration. See below. Baker’s team has yet to release an official statement regarding starting her set two hours late and Babyface being unable to perform. Check out some of the responses from attendees and social media below. Related Posts

Lizzo had to cancel some recent concerts due to health issues, but that situation appears to have sorted itself out as she returned to the stage in Baltimore, Maryland on May 9. Now she has a different problem to deal with, though: Possibly being shadow banned on TikTok.

via: Billboard

In a recent video, the hitmaker told her followers that she thinks the platform has shadow banned her after noticing that her posts have been performing suspiciously better on Instagram than on TikTok in terms of view counts.

“I’m officially shadow banned, because how did I post this on Instagram and it already has 135 thousand views?” she said, showing proof that a video of her dancing at one of her concerts raked in hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram within 30 minutes of being posted.

The “Truth Hurts” singer had posted that same concert video to TikTok, where she says it got significantly less attention. At the time of publication, the video has nearly 160,000 views, and many fans commented that they only saw it after being directed from Lizzo’s follow-up video about being shadow banned.

The video posted to her account immediately before the dance video — a vlog in which she talks about recovering from a recent illness — also has just over 100,000 views, considerably less than her usual view count of anywhere between 500,000 and several million.

“This app getting wack,” Lizzo captioned her latest post.

Billboard has reached out to TikTok for comment.

According to The New York Times, “shadow banning” is “the perception — real or imagined — that social media companies are taking stealth actions to limit a post’s visibility.”

The comments on Lizzo’s video on the topic seem to provide some evidence for the singer’s claims, with some followers writing that they haven’t been seeing her videos on their For You pages recently. “I’m definitely seeing you less on here and I don’t like it!” said one fan.

“Seriously!” commented another. “We don’t see you anymore and always have to go to your page or following to see if you have new stuff!”

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