Nelly’s Former Producer Pleads Guilty To Assisting Tim Norman In Plot To Take Nephews Life

Tim Norman’s plot to take the of off his nephew and secure millions continue to get messier. The former reality star did the unthinkable when he put a hit out on his nephew shortly after taking out a life insurance plan on him. He involved his insurance agent, a former dealer, and a local adult dancer. Now it is being revealed that his insurance agent was a music producer who worked with rapper Nelly who is also from St. Louis.

Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam is a 42-year-old man local to St. Louis, Missouri. Yaghnam has been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Yaghman currently works as an insurance agent but once producers tracks for Missouri native Nelly on his sophomore album Nellyville. This includes the title track and the single “#1” in addition to the album cut “The Gank.” Yaghman would go on to work for other members of Nelly’s St Lunatics squad and even produced a record for the Training Day soundtrack. Yaghnam scored a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year with Nelly and his crew before leaving music behind. Outside of his work in insurance, he also runs a vintage t-shirt company called memortees.

Yaghnam was charged in 2020, four years after Andre Montgomery’s passing. According to court documents, the charges state, “Prior to Montgomery’s passing, Norman conspired with Waiel Yaghnam, his insurance agent, to fraudulently obtain a life insurance policy on Montgomery.” Norman and Yaghnam began submitting documentation in 2014 to insure Andre. They submitted a total of three separate life insurance applications, all containing false documentation and information. “Conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud carries a maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars and a fine of $250,000,” according to the U.S Attorney’s Office.

It seems Wally is not interested in lying anymore and has pleaded guilty to the charges against him. Yaghnam admits to helping Tim Norman obtain a $200k life insurance policy on his nephew Andre in 2014. The claim is stated to have raised several red flags from the very beginning. Not only was it odd for Norman to take out this type of policy for his nephew, but it also stipulated “a $200,000 payout if Montgomery passed away from something other than natural causes, as well as a $50,000 payout if he passed away within the next ten years” according to the Post Dispatch.

Norman and Yaghnam failed to submit all the necessary paperwork to make it all official, so even after Andre’s life was taken, they were never able to collect. Wally made their plans even more obvious as he tried to collect on Andre’s policy only 16 days after the incident, something the court argues was a clear admission of guilt.

Despite Yaghnam and the woman involved in the incident pleading guilty, Tim Norman is still maintaining his innocence and plans to keep fighting. Norman told the exotic dancer that his reason for having his nephew attacked was because he believed that Andre had stolen $200k from his mother, Robbie Montgomery. According to Bossip, “Federal prosecutors also said on Tuesday that they were still deciding whether or not to seek the death penalty against Norman if convicted.”

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