Orlando Brown Turns His Attention To Snoop Dogg, Claims He Got That ‘Good Good’ Like Bow Wow

Fans and supporters of Orlando Brown continue to be concerned as the former Disney star issues yet another troubling series of quotes about another beloved celebrity. Orlando has a history of erratic behavior and wild statements that many attributes to his mental state and substance usage. He’s had several interviews go viral for all the wrong reasons. This time around, he made his “revelation” via IG live. Let’s take a look at his latest rant.

It seemed like things were heading in a healthier direction for Orlando Brown just a year ago. The troubled star said he found God and was working on turning his life around for his family following an interview with Dr. Phil. The child star actor said his fiancée helped him find a church full of “good men” that had inspired him to get his life on track. “My fiancée told me about this place, and when I came, it was amazing. I had a blast. These brothers accepted me for who I am. Church is lovely. All the leaders are brilliant. They’re geniuses and men of God.”

He was also steadily releasing music on his Youtube channel. Last month, Orlando Brown released a video to his song, ‘One Night.’ This single was the follow up to his singles ‘Squid Games’ and Woman Of God. In addition to releasing new music , the actor was also preparing a script for his own show ‘The Orlando Brown Show’ via his Youngster Production Company. He posted a picture of the script to IG back in May, saying, “What they didn’t want to come, Just came in!!”

Unfortuntely for the last month, Orlando Brown has been in the headlines for the wrong reason. The actor was back up to his old tricks earlier this month after alleging that he’d been intimate with rapper Shad Moss aka Bow Wow. Brown said that Bow Wow had that ‘good’ and that the rapper shouldn’t be ashamed of it. This is not the first time Orlando has alleged to have an intimate relationship with a celebrity and has told stories about being intimate with Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Nick Cannon, and his former co-star Raven Symone.

He’s doubled down via his IG stories, and today took fans on a wild journey as he shared posts about Donald Trump, Jordan Peele, Nancy Pelosi, and more. He shared the clip from Baby Boy when Tyrese’s character sold a dress to a gay man and accused Whoppi Goldberg of being James Brown in another post that also featured a picture of 50 Cent with no context. He finished it off with a post alleging that former president Donald Trump had suggested that LeBron James transition to a woman and join the WNBA. Things just get wilder and more unhinged from there as he also discusses former co-star Kyle Massey’s family and the various people he believes they look like.

In his latest rant, Orlando Brown brings up rapper Snoop Dogg and claims the rapper has that ‘good good.’ He goes on to say he knows because he came out it. Also in the video the actor questions why the rapper famously wears a head wrap. He says Snoop “looks like somebody auntie.” He goes on to say that due to his recent confessions, people are coming for him. Brown says that his bank accounts have already been seized and that they have silenced his wife and taken his son. Due to his joking manner its impossible to tell if he is serious or not.

Brown was sitting in front of a green screen, but it’s unclear what he was shooting. Snoop Dogg has yet to respond to the accusations, but it will be interesting to see what he has. Many others have releases statements in the past about Brown, with most just dismissing him and hoping he gets help.

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